Just a few of our wonderful members…….

Just a few of our wonderful members…….


Membership to our club is £10 for basic membership and £25 for England Athletics (EA) Affiliated membership. EA membership entitles you to enter any races at the reduced rate. Basic members belong to a running club but are not EA affiliated and therefore are not entitled to the discount when entering races.

Our membership form can be found here.

Members are asked to contribute 50p per run on club nights. This and the membership fee of £10 goes towards equipment such as signage for our races, marshal vests etc. It also contributes to fees and permits we have to pay to councils and venues when we are organising races.

You do not have to enter any races as a member but if you do, members are asked to wear club colours to represent your club. Vests, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and bandanas/buffs are all available at a subsidised rate to members. Our club colours are black and white.

Other benefits of membership: Each year Dawlish Coasters sponsors 3 races for our members. These are local races of varying lengths for which you will be reimbursed your entry fee when you have run the races (regardless of whether you have paid for EA affiliation or not). These are publicised to members via our ‘Member’s only’ Facebook group or via our monthly newsletter.

We have a strong presence on social media via Facebook and Instagram but we recognise that everyone utilises these sites. Therefore, we also send out a monthly newsletter, to all members, via email. This will contain news about fellow coasters race achievements as well as relevent news about new kit, social events and our own organised events etc.

Our club also has a committee of dedicated volunteer members who work hard to get events, newsletters, kit etc. organised. We meet once a month at the Leisure Centre. If you would like to make a suggestion or raise an issue about the club, please let the club secretary know and this will be raised at the next committee meeting. As a member you will also receive a copy of the committee meeting minutes via email each month.

AGM - each year in November we hold our Annual General Meeting at the Leisure Centre. We urge as many members as possible to attend to have your say, agree on issues for the coming year and agree the committee members for the coming year. You are very welcome to stand for committee as well - we always welcome new and enthusiastic members to our team.

Please let us know about events you have taken part in as a Dawlish Coaster (and we love photos!). We like to celebrate all your achievements with you!