On Tuesday and Thursday evenings are worked out in advance with each session led by a club member. If you are interested in leading a session or have any ideas or suggestions please let us know. We try to vary the types of sessions as much as possible (not an easy thing to do during the winter months) and try to incorporate as much of our local terrain as possible. During the summer months we have away runs every other Tuesday and try to get out to the coast or countryside. If you attend club nights regularly you can expect to experience what our local area has to offer.


Usually take place alternate Tuesdays throughout the Summer months with the start/finish point being a local public house or eatery, details of these will be posted on the notice board in the Leisure Centre. If you want to eat after the run we would suggest getting to the starting point ten minutes in advance so that you can place your order (start times as per club nights unless stated)


Cooling down and stretching is an important part of your training and, if done correctly, will help prevent injury & soreness the following day. Try to get into this routine when you return from a run:

Walk around for a few minutes until your breathing returns to normal and your heart rate reduces.

Stretch your large leg muscles first (thighs & quads) followed by your calves, ITB's and achilles.

Hold the stretch for 10 seconds maximum and DO NOT BOUNCE.

Keep warm and put on extra layers of clothing or go for a hot shower.